Review Richard Reid is a superior tax professional. His career has been stellar in all his accounting practices. Additionally, he is honest, dependable, and personable.
Elaine E. Englehardt

Review Richard Reid is one of the most knowledgeable and honest people I know. He is surrounded by a supporting staff second to none. I highly recommend them.
Chris Titley

Review I was happy to have Richard come to my office and review with me my accounting and tax needs. I had worked with another CPA for years and discovered to my dismay how much I was leaving on the table come tax time. Richard has proactively helped me utilize all tax codes available to me as a small business and personal client.
Scott Cold, DDS

Review I met Richard on LinkedIn, and before he would do business with me, he came to my office, and observed my business operations. He has also provided feedback on financial management and cash-flow. The amount of time he spent with me as a new business helping me arrange my accounting program, and understand WHY we were doing what we were doing was p riceless. Would recommend Richard's services to any small business owner, especially anyone who has limited or only academic accounting experience.
Terry T. Groulx

Review Very happy with our service so far and appreciate Richard's patience regarding my forgetfulness and various procrastinations.
Dan Monson

Review My experience thus far has been excellent.
Anonymous Reviewer

Review Richard got me and my business through a back tax and current tax year during the current (2010) tax year and minimized my tax bite.
Lee's Software